Riri Two Way Zippers

We have two way separating riri zippers in both retail and online store.

Assorted colors and Sizes!

Please check them out  http://www.pacifictrimming.com/default/riri-zipper-jacket-zippers-pants-zippers-bag-zippers-separating/two-way-m6.html


riri two way zipper


Riri 2-way zipper

Riri two way zipper


riri two way zippers silver metal

riri silver zipper

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About pacifictrimming

Pacific Trimming has served the needs of our customers for 30 years since its establishment in 1982 at the heart of Manhattan Fashion District. We are the largest fashion trimming supplier in the Manhattan Fashion District, supplying as both wholesaler and retailer.Furthermore, we are the only authorized dealer of Swiss RiRi zippers in New York. In our 5,000 square feet show room, we carry over 30,000 different items to meet the needs of professional fashion designers, wholesale buyers, fashion school students, etc. We carry wide variety of items from hardware, buttons, trimmings, zippers to Swarovski crystals etc. Currently we offer over 10,000 items on our website and we plan to offer even more by continually updating our site.

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